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To me, photography is all about trying to capture a frame, that one special moment that represents a significant time or to capture something beautiful that can be shared with everyone...

Got my first camera at around age 12, an Agfamatic pocket 1008 tele. It was a 1978 model that used the 110 cassette film. I took it everywhere and it cost me all my pocket money to get film developed back then.

I bought my first SLR when I finished school and started working at age 18. It was a Canon T-60 fully manual body, using 35mm film. I loved that camera so much but it died on me during a ...trip to the NT.
I then went out and bought the very popular Minolta X-300 (also fully manual)and started building up a kit with various lenses, filters, etc. This was in the early 90's and my photo collection went from being in albums, to just being stored in boxes.

During the mid to late 90's I think I peaked at taking 35mm film photos when I took my SLR and a few essential lenses, flash, etc on a backpack trip to Europe for 2 months. Would you believe I took 10 rolls of 36 film with me (and one in the camera). I had less that 400 shots to last me 2 months in Europe! These days I will take up to that many photos in one shoot!!
Once I returned from Europe, it would've cost me around $250 to have them developed. I think after that, I stopped carrying around my camera and took up Mountain Bike riding for the next 5 years or so (another expensive passion back then).

Now with the digital age, things are soooo much better. I bought my first DSLR about a year ago, a Canon EOS 30D, after spotting it in a secondhand shop. It came with the most basic kit lens..but I was once again hooked! I've now passed on this camera to my sister and am now shooting with an EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark III.